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Plans for the Restoration Warship

Due to popular demand, I now supply separate drawings on paper of the 70-gun warship Lenox at a scale of 1/4" to the foot or 1/48, the same scale of the original draughts and most of the surviving Navy Board models.  At that scale, the length of the ship from the head to taffrail is 44 inches (112cm).


I supply the following drawings at £10 each plus one-off payment £8 postage within the U.K or $15 each, plus $19 postage for all the plans you order to the USA in a cardboard tube. Payment is most easily made through Paypal.  For any other destinations, please contact me for a quote.


  • Construction lines, sheer and body plan as on reverse of dust jacket and title page

  • Orlop plan, page 88-90

  • Longitudinal section, page 91-94

  • Gundeck plan, page 95-97

  • Quarterdeck, midship section and bulkheads, page 98-99

  • Upperdeck plan, page 168-170

  • Broadside view, page 171-174

  • Topside plan, page 175-177


I can also supply the frame drawing, page 68, although this is not really necessary if you are making a model.


I do hope this helps and if you require any further information, please contact me.


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